CBD Cigarettes

Now open your mind up real wide:
What if we took that high-CBD/low-THC plant material, and cut it up to a
loose, leaf-like material that resembled tobacco leaf, mixed it with
real tobacco, then rolled it up and put a filter on the end?

You’d have a CBD hemp cigarette that
burns and smells exactly like a marijuana cigarette but actually
delivers all the health benefits of CBD oil –  with basically zero THC
and less nicotine. Hmmmm, that might really be something.

Well, apparently we aren’t the first ones to come up with this idea

Here’s an idea: If we
can extract CBD oil from hemp then what’s to stop us from using the high
CBD count hemp plant material for other purposes?

Let’s take it a step further:
What if we grew a strain of cannabis, that was high in CBD count, but
very low in THC (below .03%), but still contained all the terpenes and
terpenoids that give high-grade marijuana its very intense smell and

CBD Hemp Cigarettes, Aisle 4 (20)

Only those 18 and older may purchase the hemp cigarettes. Each pack retails for $20 each –  quite a bit more expensive than a pack of normal, tobacco cigarettes! However, the hemp versions are getting rave reviews, “It tastes like a real joint… I feel mellow and relaxed” said one satisfied customer. You can read the whole article here.

According to the company’s website, their small Eastern Switzerland manufacturing facility is home to the world’s first tobacco-and-hemp cigarette. Each one a blend of pure Swiss tobacco with natural CBD hemp.

The cigarettes contain almost no THC, the psychoactive element in cannabis that gets users “high.”

However, each smoke does contain a 20% level of CBD, the other cannabis cannabinoid, that is believed by many to assist with physical and mental wellness while helping “shoulder drop”; a way to describe its relaxing and mellowing feel. “CBD is like a little Pacman that eats all the aches and stresses away ” is how one online faithful CBD user describes its effects. So, this could easily explain the why the person in the article felt “mellow and relaxed.”

Each preroll contains our smooth, near odorless, all natural hemp. By
removing toxins like chlorophyll, dissolved sugars, and salts in the
plant, you get the benefits of smoking hemp without the cough or heavy

Tightly rolled into a filtered cigarette rice paper, you get the ultimately discreet smoke.

Our hemp presents a calming experience. Perfect for when you need a break, are feeling anxious or are getting ready to sleep. 

The 10-count includes 1 package with 10 rolls inside. The 2-count is a smaller package with 2 rolls inside.


100% Organic Hemp flowers that are full of CBD and a
variety of terpenes that work synergistically together for maximum
results. Although containing other cannabinoids, there is zero % THC in
every product

Approximately 10 MG per Hemp-Ette

20 Hemp-Ette’s per pack

Intended Use: Inhalation.

Country of Origin: USA Grown Hemp

Plant Part: Aerial parts of the Hemp plant

Transparency: 3rd party lab tested to ensure transparency is our number one goal.